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Sublime Text 2 ROCKS!

I really like Sublime Text, i’ve been using for quite a while and have found it to be a really solid editor.

Sublime Text

I moved over to Sublime edit after getting hooked on Text Mate. I liked text mate so much, it was one of my primary motivators to buy my Mac Book Pro! So for an editor to dethrone it, it had to be good!

If you’ve not tried Sublime yet, i highly recommend it. In its base form its an excellent application, with some brilliant ideas behind it.

Go check out their site, just watch a few of the demo’s on the homepage, its hard not to be impressed : http://www.sublimetext.com/

But where i really starts to shine is when you add plugins!

Some clever person built a package management system on top of sublime and it gives you access to all sorts of great new features.

Brian Gilbert, from http://realityloop.com/ has a great post on how to use these add-ons to improve your Drupal coding experience.


That was back in August 2012, so i expect you might be able to find newer / better plugins if you hunt about.

UPDATE - Its true, there is even a Sublime Edit 3 beta in the works!