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Code reviews / Co-programming ... in Sublime Text!

So, we know i like Sublime Edit.

Sublime Text

But it misses a feature i’ve been craving for quite some time.

Co/editing of code, over the net, in an IDE/editor that doesn’t suck (or suck ram)

I work with a distributed team, now and also for almost for my entire professional software development life. Its great, but does make pair programming, or even just code reviews, harder than it needs to be.

There have been a few tools around that try to let you do this. The main one i’ve tried was Gobby. It sort of worked, but was a pain to set up, missed a lot of the IDE/advanced editor features and only worked over local LAN / VPN.

So i gave up on my little feature and worked around it.

Until i found someone who wanted the same thing and had the time to do something about it! https://github.com/nlloyd/SubliminalCollaborator !!

A Sublime Text plugin, that uses IRC (!!! brilliant move) as a communication channel. I was hooked from just the description #shutupandtakemymoney so i started to spread the word and also chipped in some cash to spur development.

Its now reached beta phase and woud likely benefit from more people downloading it, testing it, playing with it and perhaps also digging into their pockets and funding a feature or two.