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Want to buy a chrome book?

A few people have asked me recently which chomebook to buy, so i sat down for them and laid out some options.

I figured they might be useful for other people too.

Caviat they are persional opinons and likely already out of date. That said, i hope you find them useful.

General tips

  • Get a 4gb version if you can / if you like 10 or more tabs open.
  • Always get SSD.
  • Focus on screen quality/resolution as a key factor.


11" 4gb budget models


  • Cheap @ £230
  • Larger SSD (32BG)



  • Cheap @ £240
  • Faster CPU

My advice : Probably go for the Dell, you will feel the CPU and can use SD cards for storage.

13" 4gb - HD screen


  • £280
  • Has touch screen as well
  • Larger SSD (32BG)



  • £310
  • Faster CPU

My advice : Again, i would go for the faster CPU, so Toshiba.

Spec comparison table :


Happy chromebooking :)