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Evernote? Dropbox? Tomboy? How do you store your notes?

So many services out there trying to help you stay organised, its a full time job just working out which once to use.

So whats a disorganised person to do?

I figured i would share my set up with you (most of which i stole from @coreypein / http://coreypein.net/).

dropboxPart 1. Dropbox. (or similar)
IF your not using dropbox yet (or some much hipper opensource alternative, like (sparkleshare)[http://sparkleshare.org/]) why not? It makes things oh so easy to keep in sync.

For note taking this is critical, as it lets you take notes on your phone / mobile device and then edit them on your main computer (or the reverse).

epistlePart 2. Epistle (or some other mobile text editor with dropbox support)
The critical part of all this, is being able to use your notes on the go. I use Epistle, because it supports MarkDown, is clean and easy to use.

nvaltPart 3. nvALT (or some other note organiser)
This is the missing link for me, its a great, fast, clean, simple to use note editor that supports tagging, search and linking between documents in a quick, simple and effective way.

nvALT: Rocks!

Works well for me. But happy to hear about your config, if its any better / different.