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App Idea : Noise level reporter

Simple app which simply reports time, noise level and GPS coordinates to a central service to create realtime (and historical) noise maps.

Tag the report to allow for better data analysis and grouping (by project and situation e.g. Heathrow-flightpath, inside, double glazing).

After reading in @richmondtimes that the Heathrow expansion and flight trails lack good data on noise impact, this seemed like a simple solution. Crowd source it.

Apparently Richmond council’s special projects manager John Coates said it would be too expensive to even consider.

Wonder how much they think is too expensive.


Ah so its already been done. https://www.tk.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/de/research/smart-urban-networks/noisemap/ Its not perfect as it would be nice to be able to brand it a bit more (per campaign/reporting group) and its not instantly clear if it just reports averages or does time series data.
But it does show the general idea and that its practical.

Might be a fun hackday project, bit of Cordova, bit of Angular, bit of Casandra (if your feeling clever) and some gmaps integration and your done.