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Feels good to be back

It wasn't my first conference and presentation since the start of the pandemic, but this was the first that felt like they used to. A buzz, people, ideas, technology - it just felt right.
Feels good to be back

I had the privilege of presenting at https://london.theaisummit.com/ the headline AI event of https://londontechweek.com/ on behalf of https://ben.productplacement.com/.

It was a hot summer's day in London and the event was full of interesting people discussing AI and related technology. The day before, two of my colleges at BEN (Tyler Folkman and Jeff Barlow) had presenting how we are optimizes flows and technology to bring AI models from the lab into the real world.

My presentation was about how we have been using AI to help creators and brands work more successfully together, as when it works, it really works. The presentation covered:

  • The huge opportunity of the creator economy and community
  • Common challenges faced when trying to work with brand and creators at scale
  • How AI helps with these challenges
  • Case studies of where AI models have made huge impact

Reach out to me directly if you want more details.

A few highlights from some of the talks I attended:

  • UK Ministry of Defence, discussing AI policy
  • Round table with Deloittee about AI regulation
  • TII presenting how they trained an GPT-3 Model, called Noor to process Arabic  and tracked its carbon footprint
  • Shutterstock presenting how they used their huge library of image data to build new AI models.
  • A fireside chat with John Lewis partnership on how they grew internal capabilities and talent around AI.

As well as the AI summit, there was also a Quantum Computing summit, while generally, as soon as someone mentions "Quantum" I hear "magic" and due to how often it's used by pseudo-science, this was different. Fujitsu had a stand, which for the first time made me Grok not only the potential but also the practical implementation of Quantum:

Fujitsu Shows Off Its Quantum Arcade Game But Also Demonstrates How It Is Generating Quantum Value For Its Clients Such As HSBC | Quantum Zeitgeist
We love games, especially quantum games. At the latest UK Quantum Summit, we saw the impressive stand from Fujitsu which aimed to showcase the work that the Japanese giant has been doing in the quantum space with the likes of household names such as HSBC.

It's still 5-15 years out, but Shaw's algorithm is coming,  qubits are expected to follow something like Moore's law, so be ready for your public key encrypted data to be plain text in your lifetime.

It was good to be back, to be part of a conference, a community, a sense of excitement - bring on the next one!